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  • BRAVE pays its users to surf the web

    If you are reading this article then odds are this is the most important point on the list. Yes, Brave actually rewards its users with a share of advertising revenue. It does this in a very unique way. When you install the Brave Browser you will be offered the opportunity to opt in to its rewards system. By choosing to opt in you will be allowing Brave to send you ad notifications. These notifications will appear as a small, relatively non-intrusive pop-up (if using a desktop browser), or by a traditional phone notification if browsing on an Android device or iPhone. The best part about this is, is that if the ad holds no interest to you, you don’t need to click on it to get paid. Simply dismiss the notification and continue browsing. You still get paid just for getting the notification! If you decide at any time that you don’t want to receive any more ad notifications you simply slide the bar in either the Brave Rewards or the Ads box to turn them off. See image below:
    You also have a slider bar for determining how many ad notifications per hour you would like to receive. You can opt to receive as five an hour, and since you get rewarded for every notification the higher the better (in my opinion). These rewards will accumulate over the course of a month and on the fifth day of the following month you will be able to claim the rewards and transfer them to your browser’s built-in wallet. These rewards won’t be in USD or any other fiat currency, but rather in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (or BAT for short). So, what good will this BAT do you? Read on to find out just how brilliant this paid to surf model is.



  • BRAVE allows you to tip your favorite internet creators for their content 

    Once you’ve claimed your rewards and have them safely stowed in your browser’s wallet you have a few options for what you want to do with them. If your primary goal is to earn money for yourself by browsing the web, no problem! You can transfer your BAT to an exchange that has partnered with Brave (at the time of this writing Uphold.com is the only exchange Brave is partnered with, but more are coming in the months ahead). Once your BAT has been transferred to the exchange you can withdraw it in your local currency and voila! You just earned money for doing something you would be doing anyways! Isn’t the internet great? However, in my opinion, if you really want to get the most out of the Brave Ecosystem the best option is the pay the BAT you earn forward, tipping your favorite content creators. Right now you can tip your favorite websites, YouTube channels, Redditors, Twitter feeds, GitHubs, and Twitch broadcasters, with support for many more platforms coming in the future. Verified Brave creators include Wikipedia, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Trap Nation’s YouTube channel and many more. At the time of this writing more than 400,000 creators had signed up to the Brave rewards program, with well over 1,000 new creators joining daily! By supporting your favorite creators with your BAT donations you will help them create even more of the content you love to consume. As a side effect, the Brave/BAT ecosystem will grow, generate more advertising revenue and you will have the opportunity to earn even more BAT.

  • BRAVE has unmatched built-in privacy. They won’t collect your browsing data. Ever! 

    If you aren’t getting paid for your internet browsing, then guess what? You are the product! Google Chrome is a great browser. It has served its many millions of users very well over the years, giving them a smooth, fast and reliable browsing experience. But, as you’ve no doubt heard in recent years your use of their “free” browser comes at the cost of your (often very personal) data. Every click of the mouse, every search query entered, every website visited is harvested by Google for use with their ad-matching system. Now, they claim to do this to provide you the browser with the most relevant, targeted ads that align to your interest. But really, that targeted matching is more beneficial to their bottom line than it is to you. And, they can now keep that data in perpetuity and use it for whatever they want in the years ahead. Certainly not an ideal situation, and not one many of us would agree to had we known what the use of their “free” browser would cost us. So, how is Brave any different? Well, Brave’s ads are all served client-side, meaning no data from the browser leaves your local machine. They harvest no information from you. Instead the browser uses a built-in machine learning algorithm to make sure you receive the most relevant ads possible, without having to compromise your privacy in any way. Pretty amazing! You receive relevant ads, and you get paid for them, without having to sacrifice your privacy.

  • BRAVE’s browser is up to 6 times faster than Google Chrome! 

    With Google Chrome, not only is your data being harvested, that data harvesting is a heavy anchor to the speed of your browsing experience. Trackers dog you wherever you go on the internet, taking up valuable time, and using up a surprisingly amount of data (not necessarily a big deal if you are using uncapped internet at home, but if your internet is capped, or you are browsing on your mobile device that extra data can add up in a hurry. Brave blocks those trackers (an additional privacy feature), and saves you time, and potentially money by doing so, all while delivering perhaps the smoothest browsing experience available. I’ve included a screenshot of Brave’s tracker-blocking stats below, and this is with relatively light internet usage!


  • Brave has a built-in Ad Blocker 

    Last, but certainly not least is Brave’s ability to block unwanted ads. Ads have become increasingly intrusive in recent years as publishers struggle to monetize their content. This is the second blow in the one-two punch Brave has thrown to try and disrupt the traditional (and many would say broken) online advertising model. Publishers, instead of monetizing their content by plastering so many ads on the screen their content almost becomes unreadable, can instead opt in to the Brave publisher program. As a creator they can receive tips from those who are enjoying their content, and keep their page real estate ad-free, or at least reduce them to be less intrusive to the overall browsing experience of their users. In the future Brave will be introducing the option to put premium content behind a BAT paywall, so even if they aren’t getting what they deserve in tips they can earn revenue for their best creations.


In my opinion the Brave Browser is poised to revolutionize the online advertising industry, give publishers an exciting and lucrative new income stream, and vastly improve the browsing experience for the end user all while paying them for the pleasure! Created by Brendan Eich, co-founder of the Mozilla Project and the inventor of Javascript, the project has the technical chops and the industry connections and experience to disrupt the status quo and eventually overtake Google Chrome as the most popular internet browser in the world.

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