If you are overweight, and live a sedentary lifestyle then chances are you aren’t a big fan of the gym. However, carrying extra weight around your middle can result in health complications in life including seriousillnesses like diabetes and heart disease. You probably already know this, and such disturbing knowledge is the reason you are here reading this article, hoping to find a way that you can burn fat quickly. Unfortunately, when it comes to long term weight loss there are no magic bullets. Exercise needs to be a core component of your daily routine, and is the only way you are going to burn fat quickly. Once you’ve come to grips with the fact that exercise is a necessary evil, the next thing you want to know is how you can minimize the time spent exercising while still maximizing your results. You’ve come to the right place my friend. Here are the top 10 best cardio exercises for burning fat:

10 – Karate or Judo – Good news and bad news on this fat burning cardio exercise. The good news? You don’t need to spend an hour on a boring, repetitive machine. The bad news? You might come home with a few bruises. Martial arts training is an incredible calorie burner, and has many side benefits as well. Not only do you burn fat quickly, but the intensity of the training builds lean muscle, which can continue to burn fat even while at rest. With karate and judo you will improve your strength, agility, flexibility, self-confidence and poise. It really is a spectacular all-around sport, and a highly recommended activity for those looking to burn fat quickly.

9 – Water Polo – Coming in at number 9 on the list of the top 10 cardio exercises is a bit of an off the wall sport. Water polo is definitely not one of the most popular sports around, but if you want to burn fat quickly it can really help you reach your rapid weight loss goals. Again, you avoid the gym, and along with your exercise you get the fun factor and social aspect of participating in a team sport.

8 – Swimming – A core component of water polo it is no wonder that swimming also finds itself on the list of the top fat burning exercises. 

Swimming is one of the few full body exercises that has the added benefit of being no impact. This is rare amongst high calorie burning activities. For those who have knee or back problemsswimming is the best sport to engage in to burn fat quickly. Whether you do it in the pool, a lake or the ocean swimming is highly recommended to anyone looking to trim up the torso.

7 – Cycling – Just about every kid loved riding a bike when growing up, yet once kids grow old enough to get their drivers license the bicycle gets abandoned in favor of the four wheeled gas guzzler. If you want to burn fat quickly do yourself a favor and reacquaint yourself with this fun, relaxing method of transportation. No more bumper to bumper traffic, just easy cruising on the bike path. Want to really burn the calories? The faster you go the more calories you burn per hour. If the weather is lousy take your cycling inside. A quality stationary bike or spin bike can give you just as tough a workout, if a little less scenic. Of course you can always set up the bike in front of the TV to keep you entertained as you go.

6 – Rope Jumping (Skipping) – It might seem strange that a child’s pastime comes in at number 6 on the list, but much like the bicycle, sometimes we need to revert to our childhood to meet our weight loss goals. Rope jumping will not only get your heart beating, and burn calories quickly, it will quickly improve your coordination, which will be beneficial for any other sports you try your hand at. As an added bonus it is about as cheap an activity as you can. With all these benefits it is no wonder it is the favorite training tool of professional boxers.

5 – Squash – Here we are in the upper half of the best cardio exercises and we are still coming up with interesting alternatives to the usual boring gym workout. Squash is a fun, competitive racket sport that is so enjoyable you’ll forget all about the huffing, puffing calorie burning you are doing along the way. One of the keys of a successful weight loss program is to make your exercise routine fun so you are more likely to stick with it over the long term. Smashing that ball is a great stress reliever too.

4 – Rowing – Many rowers will tell you their sport is the number one cardio exercise, and to be honest, any of the top four could be interchangeable. Rowing is another rare full body exercise, where both your

 cardiovascular system and your muscles get an awesome workout. If your goal is to burn fat quickly an hour at the oars will burn close to a thousand calories! If it is windy or cold you can always opt for an indoor rowing. Top of the line indoor rowers do an amazing job of simulating real rowing, and with onboard computers, stat tracking and even online racing is possible. Rowing, whether real or simulated, is as good as it gets when it comes to fat burning exercise.

3 – Boxing – Few athletes in any sport can measure up to a boxer when it comes to stamina, and there is good reason for this. Boxing is tough! You have to be constantly moving, dodging, ducking and throwing flurries of punches. It may not sound that difficult, but after three minutes without a rest you’ll be happy to hear that bell, and that’s not even taking into consideration the fact that you are getting punched the whole time! Hmmm, guess I’m not doing a very good job selling boxing as a fun exercise. Yes, your body will take some punishment, but providing you wear the proper headgear, mouthguard, gloves, and midsection protection you can get through it without too many bruises. It is an incredible stress reliever too. Just imagine your boss is in the other corner…

2 – Running – You knew this activity would end up in a high spot on the list of the best weight loss exercises. No other exercise activity is as popular world wide as running. Pounding the pavement mile after mile can be grueling, but it pays off by burning massive amounts of calories. People who run religiously don’t stay overweight for very long. If your body can take the abuse then running will have you reach your rapid weight lossgoals with ease. If the weather is disagreeable then a jaunt on the treadmill is just what the doctor ordered. You won’t burn fat quite as quickly as pounding the pavement outside, but it is still a terrific aerobic exercise and the cushioned deck will be a little easier on your knees as well.

1 – Cross Country Skiing – Sorry runners, rowers and boxers, but these winter warriors have you trumped. If you can handle a little cold weather then there is no better way to burn fat than

 by shushing through the snow in the back country on a pair of cross country skis. This ultimate full body workout will whip you into shape in no time, and if you really push yourself you can burn close to 1200 calories per hour. It may seem grueling at first, but everyone who tries this sport a few times quickly becomes addicted. This winter instead of sitting at home in front of the TV packing on some extra weight, head out to the rental shop and grab yourself a pair of cross country skis for the day. You want to lose weight in a hurry? There’s no quicker method than this. Trust me! 

Featured image by richpalpine