It is hard to believe that it has been nearly eight years since the release of the PS3. At the time back in 2006 it was at the very cutting edge of technology, featuring a custom CPU, GPU and one of the earliest available Blu-Ray players. Launching with titles like Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man the PS3 wowed gamers with its graphical capabilities. However, those early games only scratched the surface of what the console was capable of. Now, living in the shadows of the newly released PS4, the PS3 is fully mature and developers have been able to squeeze every drop of power out of this machine, creating games of such stunning beauty they blur the lines between fantasy and reality. So which games are the best of all time? Read on as I count them down from ten to one:

10 – Portal 2

Valve’s incredibly unique, genre-bending game Portal took cooperative gaming to a place it had never been before. Incredibly they managed to improve upon it in the sequel. Valve’s masterpiece squeaks onto the list. Not only one of the best games available for the PS3, but arguably the funniest as well.

9 – Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots

You knew a Solid Snake game was going to make its way onto this list. The best of a magnificent series and the gold standard in stealth gaming. Fans of the series can also enjoy several homages to the games that went before.

8 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Yes, it had its issues upon release, but once everything got sorted out this breathtakingly beautiful game quickly became a must-have for any PS3 owner with even a moderate love of RPGs. The level of detail in this open-world game is truly jaw-dropping, and gamers can literally enjoy years of gameplay time engaging in the numerous side quests and storylines in this game.

7 – Batman: Arkham City

Very rarely do video games based on a comic book character, movie or book end up living up to the hype, but Batman: Arkham City breaks that trend. Rocksteady really got everything right with this Dark Knight classic, and most gamers consider it the premiere superhero game ever created.

6 – Red Dead Redemption

Like Skyrim, this game provides amazing opportunities for open-world exploration. Utterly fantastic visuals, compelling gameplay, and one of the best endings in videogame history make this a must-own for any PS3 owner.

5 – Bioshock Infinite

Really, there could have been a couple Bioshock games on this list, but I figured I should just stick to the best for the sake of variety. The storytelling in this game is so good that it really is more like playing a part in an interactive movie.

4 – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Speaking of games that play like a movie, this Indiana Jones-like adventure certainly qualifies. I remember being completely blown away by the interactive nature of the first installment of this series, and I was skeptical they could improve upon the standard they set in the first chapter. Boy, were my doubts unfounded! If you have a PS3 and don’t own this game, go buy it now!

3 – Mass Effect 2

This Sci-fi RPG from Bioware definitely gives Red Dead Redemption a run for its money in the category of best ending. All three installments of the trilogy were great, but the second chapter is definitely the best.

2 – The Last of Us

From the studio that brought us the Uncharted series comes another game of unbelievable storytelling and polish. This one has none of the fun whimsy that made Uncharted such a blast to play. Grim and horrific, The Last of Us will leave you emotionally shaken at the end. Yes, it really is that powerful. Oh, and there’s zombies too. Bonus!

1 – Grand Theft Auto 5

With every release of Rockstar’s amazing franchise I think to myself that we’ve finally reached videogame perfection. Yet, somehow the team keeps managing to outdo themselves, and the fifth chapter is no exceptions. The open-world gameplay is something to behold, the detail level of the gameplay world rivals Skyrim, and the voice acting is once again worth of a Hollywood blockbuster. As good as the competition on the list is, GTA V is an easy choice for best PS3 game of all time.