Smoking is an addiction. We all know that. For years tobacco companies targeted teens, trying to get them hooked on the product, and thus have a lifetime customer. It was a strategy that put billions of dollars in tobacco companies coffers, and they have enjoyed the fruits of that strategy, turning a blind eye to all the harm their “valued customers” were coming to. People who are addicted to smoking and are trying to quit have their own reasons for doing so. Some are financially motivated, some want to improve their health, while others have decided to quit smoking after getting a wake up call when one of their fellow smokers died from the addiction. If you haven’t made the decision to try and quit smoking, then it is time you gave it serious thought, both for yourself and for those who love you. Here are the top 10 reasons to quit smoking:

10 – Save Money

Let’s face it, cigarettes are expensive. Nowadays they’re taxed so heavily that few teenagers can even afford to take up the habit. That is, of course, a good thing. Taxes should be even higher on these death sticks. People are willing to put their body through hell for their vices, but money talks, and high prices just might be the motivating factor to get many to quit smoking.

9 – No More Morning Coughing Fits

Have you ever heard a smoker trying to clear their lungs when they first get up in the morning? It is not pleasant to listen to. If you deal with this as a smoker, wouldn’t be nice to be able to wake up, and take a deep breath of the cool, clear morning air without hacking up a lung?

8 – More Energy to Enjoy Physical Activities

When you are a teenager, not even a lungful of cigarette smoke can slow you down. You are always in high gear, never out of breath or lacking energy. That changes in a hurry when you enter adulthood, and smokers will quickly find themselves lagging behind their smoke-free competitors on the bike, in the pool, or in a game of soccer. Getting your ass beat at your favorite sport is definite motivation to quit smoking.

7 – People Won’t Treat You Like a Pariah

Once upon a time it was cool to smoke, but these days smoking is considered nothing more than a filthy habit. The hazards of second hand smoke are well published, so no one wants to breathe the toxic fumes you’re exhaling. Want to feel welcome in society again? Quit smoking.

6 – You’ll Stop Smelling Like an Ashtray

There are all sorts of options when making a list of the top 10 reasons to quit smoking, but if you really want to get a smoker’s attention, remind them of how bad they stink. Breath, hair, clothes: all of these things begin to reek when exposed to cigarette smoke, and no one wants to be near someone who reeks right?

5 – You’ll Slow the Aging Process

The only thing worse than getting old is looking old. Smokers begin to show their age faster than other people as their teeth and nails yellow, and their skin starts to wrinkle. Don’t want to look older than Methuselah? Better stop smoking today!

4 – You’ll Get to Stop Listening to People Tell You to Quit Smoking

In life there are few things more irritating than people telling you what to do. Even more irritating is when they are right! Tired of your friends, your wife, your kids, you co-workers nagging you to stop smoking? Quit today and you’ll never have to listen to them complain to you again.

3 – You’ll Stop Causing Your Loved Ones Serious Harm

Every time you light up a cigarette you are hurting your loved ones. Not only are you putting them at tremendous risk by forcing them to ingest your second hand smoke and all the toxins that go along with it, but you are also hurting them emotionally, forcing them to watch you slowly kill yourself just to get your nicotine buzz. Stop being so selfish. Want to play with your grandchildren some day? Quit smoking now.
2 – You’ll Reduce Your Chances of Getting Lung Cancer

Cancer is a virulent killer that takes the lives of millions worldwide each year. Billions of dollars have been poured into research to help combat this terrible disease, yet despite the terrible nature of this devastating sickness, smokers deliberately invite cancer to attack their body. Quit smoking now and avoid a slow, painful death.

1 – You’ll Reduce Your Risk of Suffering a Heart Attack or Stroke

At number one on the list of the top 10 reasons to quit smoking is reducing the risk of the good old fashioned heart attack. This sudden killer can strike any time, and can kill in mere seconds depending on the severity of the attack. When you smoke you vastly increase your risk of suffering a life-threatening heart attack or a permanently disabling stroke. Is that little buzz really worth it? Didn’t think so.

Featured image by Qfamily