With July 4th upon us I thought it would be a fitting time to take a look back at some of the greatest U.S. leaders in the history of that great country. Here are my choices for the top 5 greatest American presidents of all time, counted down in reverse order:

5 – Woodrow Wilson

Some may take issue that I have Wilson on my list of the top 5 greatest American presidents, but his watch, much like Barack Obama’s is, was one of the toughest in US history. He had to make the difficult decision to get embroiled in World War I, and history has shown he made the right choice.

4 – George Washington

This legendary US president would be at number one on many American’s list, but in my humble opinion he is bested by three other men. He was, of course, America’s first president, but his greatest accomplishment came before he held that title, when he crossed the Delaware and ambushed the British army, allowing the Revolution forces to capture the two main armies of the Brits.

3 – Thomas Jefferson

Coming in at number 3 on the list of the greatest American presidents is Thomas Jefferson. The list of his accomplishments is impressive, but perhaps his greatest achievement was the decision to execute The Louisiana Purchase which effectively all but doubled the size of the United States.

2 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Our runner-up was the man who uttered the famous phrase, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Roosevelt has the unique distinction of being the only man to serve 4 terms as US president, and his watch included guiding the American people through the Great Depression.

1 – Abraham Lincoln

Though a handful might consider George Washington to be the greatest American president ever, for my money there is no other choice but Honest Abe. The 16th president of the United States, Lincoln, much like the other presidents on this list, led the country through one of its darkest times: The American Civil War. He was the first Republican ever elected to the post of US president, and fought the expansion of slavery. Tragically his term ended early when he gained the terrible distinction of being the first US president to be assassinated. He is, to this date, the country’s greatest martyr.